I occasionally stream gaming and make videos about various game related topics on Youtube.

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Convention Fire Team Alpha is a media group formed years ago that didn’t gain much traction, but I might continue to add content to the blog occasionally.


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  • Taste of India Restaurant
     Two members of CVFTA recently went to Taste of India in Rockford, Illinois. This is one of the few Indian restaurants in the area and is also one of the lower cost options for that style of food. Ind …
  • Katsucon 19 (2013) Photos and Report
    Check out my Katsucon photography article for info on my technique! Check out these image galleries for photos of the convention: Photography Banzai Gallery: Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday My dedicat …
  • Food Excursion: Cherry Valley Cafe
    The CVFTA crew visited a new restaurant today. Though we had plans to check out Murasaki, the place appeared to be closed. After intense debate, we ended up going to a place called the Cherry Valley C …
  • San Jose Taqueria Food Excursion
    We recently visited a restaurant off of East State Street in Rockford Illinois specializing in Mexican food. The interior is top notch with elaborate furnishings and features like a fountain and cloud …
  • Sushi Roll Takeout from Hachi Hachi Express
    A few days ago I decided to visit a local restaurant called Hachi Hachi Express. They specialize in sushi and hibachi styled meals at a decent price. They are somewhat between a chain fast food restau …

I have an old action movie review website at actionviews.blogspot.com.

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