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  • My entire Sole Proprietor In Software book on this site!
    I just added the entire book to this website! It’s from 2008 to 2010 and details my experiences with starting a contracted software development business (basically a supplier to one company). I hope y …
  • Creator Sky Price Drop!
    I decided to lower the price of the Creator Sky ebook to $2.99. It looks like the price changed on Amazon, but the other marketplaces will likely take more time to update. The print price will have to …
  • 16 chapters of Creator Sky back on the site!
    Start with the first chapter here. I put 16 chapters of Creator Sky on the site. It’s close to the size of the book when I released it as a novelette in 2011. It was a long road, but now that it is a …
  • Spent a bit on Twitter and Amazon Advertisements…
    The long story short is that not much happened yet. First off, I noticed it was “national book lovers day” on Twitter and tried it out on a whim. In retrospect, I think I would have been much better o …
  • Totally missed NookPress Publishing!
    I was talking with a friend about self-publishing and the idea of having better print-on-demand coverage came up. CreateSpace is owned by Amazon, so even with their extended distribution feature, it i …

The Handbook of Photographing Arizona:
If you are planning a trip to the southwest, interested in learning more about taking photos in Arizona, or even just photography in general, this book is for you! I go over the technical basics of photography and how they relate to the conditions and situations you can face in Arizona, all from a Midwesterner’s perspective and packaged in a nice simple handbook. This book gives visual enjoyment with over 35 color (if your device supports color) photos and illustrations as well as important knowledge on photographic tools and information about various places in Arizona.

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